The world’s most stylish, innovative and functional MoCoW*.


*What's a MoCoW? A Mobile Computer on Wheels, of course.

Stop, collaborate and listen...

InDesign has a brand new invention.

The InDesign MoCoW Halo beautifully facilitates mobile collaboration in any environment.

Why spend BIG bucks fitting out every meeting room with AV when you can easily manoeuvre the MoCoW into any space to create an agile, ad-hoc meeting space, anywhere, anytime.

The unique design also allows for totally wireless operation for up to 7 hours! Better still, you can customise it to your specific requirements.

So whether your focus is on group collaboration or Video Conferencing, you only need to invest in the hardware you’ll use.

See the MoCoW Halo in operation at Bupa HQ in Sydney.


"Don’t just bring people together, inspire them to collaborate and create."


MoCoW Halo control shelf (top) and base (below).


Gain full wireless connectivity with an integrated, rack-mounted, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) - no need for special infrastructure. Present anywhere, anytime, without the need to ‘plug in’ for up to 7 hours.

Integrated PC, Cable Storage & Power

A PC can be seamlessly integrated into the shelf that also allows for retractable user cables, as well the storage of a keyboard and mouse. Comes complete with a built-in 8-way power rail and one easy, single connection point.

Screen and Camera Support for Video Conferencing

The MoCoW Halo supports a single at panel display up to 75”. You can also easily add a height adjustable Video Conferencing camera bracket. MoCow Halo is completely display-agnostic, meaning you can use it with your preferred manufacturer's display.
Group Sharing

Group collaboration allows users to connect their mobile devices and easily share content to the MoCoW’s display.

Integrated Control

Features a dedicated mounting space to house an integrated control system keypad.

Customised to Suit

We’ll customise the MoCoW Halo to accommodate your preferred brands of equipment to provide a turn-key solution. Choose from a range of handle and base colours to suit your brand.

Easily Accessible & Secured

The lockable covers are easily removed to gain access to cabling and connections, while the internal cable management keeps the interior neat and tidy. The MoCoW can also be secured by either of the two Kensington lock slots on the front and back of the base.


Rear of MoCoW Halo (with cover removed).


Rear of MoCoW Halo (with cover on).

Plenty of Space for Equipment

There are 5 x 2RU internal rack-mounted slots (for mounting a UPS, Video Conferencing codec, video switcher, control processor or a network switch).

Easy Transportation

Integrated handles behind the display and US-imported hospital grade nylon wheels facilitate easy transportation and quiet manoeuvrability across all surfaces.


Hundreds of hours have been invested into the design and engineering of our second generation MoCoW Halo, and the proof is in its functionality, mobility, build quality and ability to hold so much equipment.

Australian designed and made, there’s a good reason why the MoCoW has a 10 year warranty...Because we guarantee it will perform exactly how it’s supposed to day-in, day-out.

Do You Ship To...?

Yes. We ship anywhere in Australia and overseas as well.

Get the nitty-gritty.

“When a satisfactory solution was not available in the marketplace, Peter designed and made a product to meet the needs of the University. For example, the development of a custom made lectern and a mobile computer on wheels (MoCoW). These products enhance and add a new dimension to learning and teaching at USC.”Dr Ruth Greenaway, PhD MLM BA Grad Dip Ed - University of Sunshine Coast

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